30+ years of continuous company operation, that's already something...

Whether you are a startup or already an old company, you need some kind of electronic gadget, some additional device, you want to start producing it and or software separately or in connection with it, we can still help. We can design a wide variety of electronics. For decades, we have cooperated with electronics production companies located in Estonia and we are able to prepare the necessary production documentation both in Estonia and abroad. Even making PCB drawings.

Also, if you want to test a device or any consultation on electronics or related software, we can also help, our experience is insane. Or you need something special for your computer written (C#) software, we can provide that too.

Or you need a touch screen with your own special graphic design on it, even for interfacing your automation system, we have solutions for that too.

We are clearly one of the best experts in LED technology. We have been designing LED-related products both in our own products and as design work for customers for 25+ years. Also the oldest Led Clock factory in Estonia, which until now consistently produced both inside and outside Led clocks in Estonia. Still, as incredible as it may seem to you, we produce in Estonia, we do not use ready-made modules from other countries.

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